The Trailer Company has a long history of building, converting, renting and showcasing travel trailers. Jason's Trailers, Ltd. started up in 1997 to design, build and rent trailers to the UK filming industry. Based in London, Jason imported two 31' Airstream trailers and began the process of converting the classic trailer's original outdated interior while polishing the brilliant exterior to produce an industry favorite. The first trailer was converted into a Production/Green room and was used as both on several different sets, (see filming shoots), including "The Bill" and "As Time Goes By". The second Airstream was converted into a 5 position makeup trailer and could hold up to 10 people at one time for make-up needs on offsite location shoots. Details like; fixed counter tops, tubular-framed storage shelving, hardwood laminate flooring, three heating units, and luxuries like stereo systems, tv's and hot coffee and tea were always available.

The Airstreams where so rare in the United Kingdom they were often used in front of the camera as well. They would be rented out for music videos, commercials, photo shoots and two identical trailers were furnished by Jason's Trailers to the film production of "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" starring Angelina Jolie.

From 1997 to 2003 Jason's Trailers, Ltd. furnished these custom conversions and other units to the BBC on a regular bases for use on several drama and comedy tv series. (See a few of our References)

After coming to America, Jason's Trailers became The Trailer Company and has converted several Airstreams for private clients as well as creating the Cosmic Cafe. The Cosmic Cafe is a 1958 Airstream Pacer that has been converted into a classic espresso service trailer. Fitted in a retro style with a professional Italian espresso machine and classic vintage colors, it is a hit in the Space Coast of Florida for events of all kinds.

The Trailer Company is also currently renting out the newly completed Streamline for filming and advertising productions. In the works are several trailers including the smallest of the fleet our Airstream Bambi 16', a newer 1998 Safari 28', and 32' Limited Airstream. All will retain their classic Americana exterior, including a polished to mirror finish, and have an updated, clean and opened interior. These trailers will be available for Vacation Trailer Rentals this fall.